Germany   Player 1
Austria-Hungary  Player 2
Ottoman Empire   Player 3
Great Britain   Player 4
France   Player 5
Russia   Player 6

Germany is the most important country in the game. As Germany, it is your job to launch major assaults and to protect yourself and your weaker allies from enemy attacks.
1. Go to central Germany, number the three barracks you have their, build four additional ones and hotkey them and get the weapons upgrade at your Engineering Bay.
2. Locate all 10 of your wraiths and hotkey them. Move the group to a likely drop spot (Vienna, Turkey, Sarajevo, Western Germany ect.)
3. Capture Belgium with whatever spare forces you have and take Denmark.
4. Start pumping marines as fast as you can, and attempt to take out the Triple Entente, one country at a time.

Austria's role is to support Germany. Protect him and yourself from enemy assaults and aid the Ottoman Empire in destroying Russia.
1. As soon as the game starts, go to your Engineering Bay and start the upgrade, then get your tank and the 12 marines that are nearby and send them down to Serbia. Use the tank to destroy the bunkers and when they explode send the marines in for clean-up.
2. Send your remaining marines down to destroy greece. The Greecian bunkers have only 1 or 2 marines each and are fairly easy to take over.
3. Go to your Command Center and make 3 additional SCV's for a total of 4. Use these to build supply depots near your newly conquered beacons and 4 more barracks for a total of 6.
4. Now it is time to turn your attention towards the Russians. Build up a sizable attack force of marines and begin to make periodic assaults on Russia with the goal of either claiming a Russian beacon or destroying Moscow (and getting the free cash that comes with it).   Top

Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire is designed to fight Russia. They should be able to withstand the first Russian attack and prepare counters to conquer the Causcus.
1. First, go to your force near Iraq and use the tank to destroy the Neutral bunker. Then send it north and have your marines do clean-up.
2. Then send your scv's to your eastern barracks and build 4 or 5 more in that area so you can mass marines. Near your borderline with Russia, build 2 more bunkers to defend against a possible rush.
3. Get the weapons upgrade as soon as possible, and build as many marines as possible with the final goal of capturing Moscow.   Top

Great Britain
Great Britain is mostly a support role. Their main goal is to launch as many drops as possible and disrupt whatever attacks the Central Powers are building. Destroying a capital (Berlin, Vienna or the Bosphorous Strait) is very good because of the extra money it brings you and your allies.
1. The first thing you should do is locate your 2 barracks, hotkey them, and start to pump marines.
2. Make 10 more dropships and load all 12 of them with them with marines, tanks and scv's.
3. Choose an open spot in enemy territory and send your wraiths in to distract nearby soldiers. While they are engaged, send in your dropships and land.
4. Build several bunkers in your landing zone, and attempt to destroy any nearby buildings.
5. Build 4 more barracks in England, and create as many drops as possible until the Central Powers are destroyed.   Top

France is a fairly easy country, but if played correctly they can be the difference in the game.
1. The first thing to do is load your bunkers and build 2 bunkers on your line to prevent against a possible German blitz. Load them with the 8 marines you start with.
2. Go to your Engineering Bay and get the weapons upgrade. Also, float the Factory and Starport that do not have their add-ons out over the ocean.
3. Build 3 more barracks in the space that was created. Start training as many marines as possible.
4. Use your marines to take over the lightly defended Spanish beacons.
5. Mass marines until you have enough, and make an attempt to capture either Alsace-Lorraine or Belgium from the Germans.

Russia is the most important allied nation. They are often under attack and if not, they have the responsibility of destroying the Ottoman Empire.
1. As soon as the game begins, load all your bunkers that are on the front lines. This must be done quickly because many players like to rush the first line of defense while it is unbunkered.
2. Move your 2 barracks near Ottoman up to Moscow, and build 5 additional barracks with your SCVs that are there. This makes a total of 10 which can conveniently be hotkeyed with all of your numbers.
3. Go to you Engineering Bay (Right middle of your empire) and start progress on the weapons upgrade.
4. Pump marines as fast as possible in your ten barracks. Use the first set to fill any bunkers that may come under attack.
4. Defend Russia with as many men as needed, and use any extra soldiers to attempt to capture the Ottoman Empire.   Top
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