10-13-2002 ||| SnowWolf
The website hasn't been updated in a while so I've taken the liberty to update it a little myself. I've updated the members list a bit, so if your not on it please contact me or post on the forum (message board). I've also updated the diplomacy page. If you have any suggestions for the site please post on the forum. The clan is doing as good as ever, we're growing and getting some good players and lots of good games. Plaz also has had his bot up a lot which is very useful.
8-14-2002 ||| Tommy   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
Let me start off by letting you all know that KingTiger has been official banned. Now let me tell you what happend, first he took the [NWA] password making us change channels to Clan NWA and then went off to ETF, then when ETF failed he thought he could come back here and act like we'd never figure it out. Then he goes out and I guess accidentaly says he's in Clan Elite on the message board which I'm guessing since he said he's in it is and that is against clan policy too, but what's worse is to try to cover it up he goes and deletes the entire message board since a simple message editing wouldn't do the trick since I had already posted after it. There is 4 good reasons that each one of them alone would be enough to kick someone out, but then he did 4 times what is enough to be kicked out so now you all who read this should know why he is kicked out.
- paraphrased from the words of [NWA]dr.die

Secondly, Starfox also know as (SWA) went onto a fake name to make Dr.Die believe he was Jag and asked Dr.Die for the password to NWA, he then gave the password to KingTiger and he got ops in Clan NWA. We have moved channels to Clan [NWA], the official NWA channel since the clan first began. Any supporters of Kingtiger will be dealt with swiftly under the hard hand of the law.

7-24-2002 ||| Dragon   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
NWA is flourishing. We have many new members and are currently the most powerful World War clan of all. Recently, we have crushed the following clans in clan matches: WW, [776] and BFE. We have close to 50 members on the members list (Those of you that aren't really need to e-mail me so I can add you as quickly as possible).

I just finished the basic WW1 strategies, and am having the masters of the map look over them to help improve them.

Several promotions have been given to worthy members, however I must remind you that you will NOT be promoted if you ask for one. The leaders are watching, and when they feel that a promotion is deserved they will give one. Also, there is to be no racist or anti-semetic crap in the channel. This has always been a rule, but lately some people haven't been following it.
7-11-2002 ||| Dragon   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
Tommy has begun teaching me html scripting, so from now on I will be able to update the News, Members, Diplomacy and maybe a few other sections as well. I have deleted all old members and added anybody with the rank of NWA to the members page. If you have the NWA rank and don't find yourself on the page, please contact me and i will add you. Members with the NWS or NWR rank will be added shortly.

That's all I have for you right now, but if you have any news or something you would like posted please e-mail it to me at Zebs335@aol.com
5-2-2002 ||| Tommy   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
I added around 15 maps that we frequently play to the downloads section which should be finished soon. Six good starcraft websites will be joining a network to give each other more traffic. A list of them will appear as soon as the new layout is finished over the weekend. This will save you the work of having to check Top Sites for good sites.
4-23-2002 ||| SilentWT   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
The site is now going under major reconstruction, so please be patients with us. Tommy and I are planning to make the whole thing just look a lot more put together and a lot more professional. If you haven't allready noticed the new header, somethings wrong. Things like this will be coming up as often as we can get them. If there's anything you don't like, email me or drop me an IM (basslikeafool). Thanks for the help.
4-11-2002 ||| Tommy   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
Stinky over at SCGamers stole every one of my CD-Keys with no credit whatsoever. You can compare them and they are even in the same exact order. Pretty gay . . . I guess some people can't help it though. I updated the Members page and the Constitution, too. The Senate looks like it will be reinstated in the near future.
4-3-2002 ||| SilentWT   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
It has been over a month since the site has had any major updates and I was hoping that we could get things rolling again. We're gonna need some clan help with the major stuff though, so if you have what we need, hook us up. I'm interested in seeing some maps up on the site, so if you have any maps that you want distributed or that you think should be available, talk to Tommy, if he doesn't have 'em already, send them to he or I. It would also be nice to have a few replays available, if anybody has some good battles or other maps that might be useful in training for games like 776, those would be really cool.

We're also looking for some screen shots and pictures. Screen shots are simple, and anybody who can get some good ones, send them our way. Just press the little 'Print Screen/SysRq' button to the right of 'F12' and go into your paint program and go to 'Edit' and 'Paste'. Try and save the file as a .gif or a .jpg, if you have to, a .bmp will work but they are large files and very difficult to send.

If any clan members would like access to the site so you can post updates with the clan or any other thing that you feel is necessary, talk to Tommy or I, odds aare that you could really help with the activity on the site. Thanks
3-12-2002 ||| Tommy   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
I finished the strategies for WW2v 776 for the most part, still have two countries left. I'll get those up soon as well.
1-27-2002 ||| SilentWT   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
As of right now we are working on registering an official domain name. Thoughts right now are on http://www.clannwa.org. If you know of any names that might be simpler or more convenient, let us know and we will continue our search.
1-25-2002 ||| SilentWT   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
The site has undergone some major reconstruction. Although it all looks the same, load times should be drastically reduced. If you find any errors, let us know and we'll fix it right away.
1-21-2002 ||| Tommy   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
I added about six emulators to the downloads section. Hopefully i can get the rest of it going soon. On another note, I did NOT quit NWA. I'm somewhat apaulled that some of you actually thought this even after all the work I have put into this clan. Whoever is out there spreading rumors about me is a dumbass because I was grounded from my Computer on 1-20-2002 so it is impossible that this STC-Tommy guy was actually me.
1-11-2002 ||| SilentWT   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
I have just joined the Webteam as the Graphics Designer for the site, if you have any ideas or questions let me know.
1-10-2002 ||| Tommy   Send an email  Send an Instant Message
New site created. Most links and content are still down. I'll try to get them up by tomorrow.
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