The_Napoleonic_Wars_FINAL Play as Napolean Bonaparte himself or try to stop him from taking over Europe and then the world. 214 KB SCM
WW2 v7.76 Play as one of seven countries from either the axis and allies. The oldest "WWII" map I know of. 161 KB SCM
The_Civil_War_1 Play on the Union or Confederates' side in the American civil war. 167 KB SCM
Crusades The holy war 145 KB SCM
(5)Defend the Temple SE BW Defend the Temple from invaders from all over the galaxy. 72 KB SCX
(5)Defend the Temple BW Enh A later version of the one above. 71 KB SCX
Scary Movie Based on the movie, eight people run away from the killer which is one of the eight. 168 KB SCM
Magic TG Arena...v.ENigmA From the ever so popular card game. This is MTG in a five player arena. 90 KB SCX
Magic TG Arena...v.ENigmA 3 A later version of the above. 204 KB SCX
Magic TG Arena...v.ENigmA 4 Yet another later version of the above. 115 KB SCX
Gulf War-Platinum A reinactment of the Gulf War. 132 KB SCM
Global Stability2.2 Save the world from the fascist regimes. 167 KB SCM
Diplomacy MP 1.6 A WWII style map where all players start out by themselves, they must make and break alliances in order to conquer Europe. 252 KB SCM
WWII Euro - Allied Hope WWII on the European theatre. 107 KB SCM
Civillian Massarce LOL 37 KB SCX
Diplomacy Rune v2.4 Probably the most popular Diplomacy to date. 192 KB SCX
Armageddon Battle_ v6.231 A really old map with a lot of huge battles. 46 KB SCM
Armageddon Battle XARSwarm3 A later version of the above. 64 KB SCX
(3vs3)World_War_I_ver1.1 "The war to end all wars" 155 KB SCM
(3vs3)World_War_I_ver1.21 Practically the same thing as version 1.1 156 KB SCM
(3vs3)World_War_I_unrig Suposedly edited out a trick which gave the Allied powers an unfair advantage in earlier versions. 157 KB SCM
(5)Dragon Lance RPG vS15 The best RPG map around. You choose your character and try to kill the dragon. 284 KB SCX
Aeon of StrifeV2Instantup Fight along side allied forces in one of the largest battles known to starcraft. 91 KB SCX
Aeon Of Strife-Returnllllll.scx Updated version. 68 KB SCX
Braveheart Castle Assault3.scm Fight for your freedom in this historic battle. 78 KB SCM
Braveheart YorkTown Special.scm Another version. 52 KB SCM
Civil War - Antietam.scx The battle of Antietam in the American civil war. 96 KB SCX
Civil War - Gettysburg.scx The battle of Gettysburg in the American civil war. 121 KB SCX
EuroWars 2050 Crystal Versi A futuristic game of diplomacy on the european theatre. 204 KB SCM
Napoleon Wars 1799 SAS Stop Napoleon Bonaparte from taking over the world. 178 KB SCM
Team Survival Extreme Q2.0 A classic game of defense. 71 KB SCX
World War II - Europe Gold Probably the best version of WWII. 187 KB SCX
WW II Death In Europe v5.3 A really tacky game of WWII that some people seem to enjoy. 135 KB SCX
WW II The Final Hourv1.4 WWII on both the pacific and european theatre. 248 KB SCX
WWII allied strug. Another WWII edit, much like Gold. 203 KB SCM
WWII Battle of BritainV 3.3 The famous battle of britain. 258 KB SCM
WWII Euro - AH FINAL A popular WWII edit. 203 KB SCM
WWII Euro - Allied Advance Another WWII edit. 200 KB SCM
WWII Euro - Allied Final Yet another WWII edit. 201 KB SCM
Cats & Mice - CPU 1.2 Your the mice, run from the cats. 31 KB SCM
One Hit Kills Defend yourself and your partners 50 KB SCX
TheArtofDefenseSC2001 Test your defensive skills... 43 KB SCM
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