In the beginning, the dictatorship that splits many clans began to take its toll on the founding leaders of the New World Assassins: Synergy, Kain, NewWorld, SnowWolf, and Comrade. Kain and NewWorld induced a breakaway of which would lead to a revolutionary new style of clan democracy, a multiple leader clan which avoids dictatorship at all costs.

Talks started with Synergy, one of the best leaders and players of the old clan. Soon SnowWolf became involved, and the clan started to look like it was going to have a bright future. Comrade was the final leader brought into discussion, and it looked as if the clan was born. Trouble brewed and it seemed the clan would fall apart before it began. But due to all five's strong will, the clan bond stayed, and on May 16, 2001 NWA was born.

Synergy, the leader behind the name, had originally planned for NWA to be meant as Newbies With Attitude. The other leaders felt a new meaning was needed, but they were unable to find the one that suited what they saw for the clans future.

When the channel was officially opened NewWorld, Synergy, and Comrade were all there. SnowWolf came later in the day. Kain essentially missed the founding because his presence online would not be until later that week.

The clan started with no ranks, and ran as such for a while. In those early days the clan based themselves off of WW2-7.76 and Civil War with pubs and recruited them into the clan. In early June (2001) Synergy told the other leaders that he'd be in absence for awhile and he went away to college. His triumphant return is anticipated.

In about mid June a new WW2 clan popped up, Clan WW2, which was founded by !Zero!. NWAs leaders, and Zero maintained good relations. Soon after, in late June (early July) the clans number of members began to dissapate, and in order to keep up with Clan WW2s large number of members and big rank system, Comrade (with the approval from SnowWolf) implemented the four-rank system into the clan, and soon after the clans population began to increase.

Tensions grew in later weeks, and the two clans launched an all out war. In late July the war lost some of its fury as Clan WW2 almost collapsed (see post WW2!!!) by Wright on 07-25-01).

Things were mostly peaceful and NWA grew steadily for a while until around mid-August when conflicts began with Clan ETF. Since then Clan NWA and ETF have had rocky relations. The rank system was changed to profile ranks after a decrease in members in late September, but has recently changed back to tag ranks with three ranks (NWA, NWS, NWR). On October 13, 2001, after increasing tensions between two leaders, Kain and KingTiger, Kain gave away the password to the clan bot and the leader message board to Clan ETF. Kain, betraying his clan, joined ETF as ETFB(bitch) and soon got full ETF. Clan NWA moved on but had to change channels to Clan N-W-A. On November 25, 2001, Clan WW2 officially collapsed. Recently, Clan ETF also collapsed due to a lack of the old leaders. Their absence led to strife in the clan and a split by [ETF]Spitfire. Several clans have risen and fallen in the past months with little effect.

In August of 2002, KT began to assume a more dictatorial approach. He made many foolish decisions without the consent of the other leaders. After considering the issue many times, Snowwolf, dr.die and the senate decided that to keep KT would be folly and detrimental to the progress of NWA. He attempted a pathetic revolt, but it was quickly crushed when the members realized the senselessness of it. Currently, Clan NWAs progress continues to flourish, leaving only a promising future for the clan, and the StarCraft gaming universe.

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