Title Explaination
Tank-Lurker In Terran Building(Protoss) The reason this is for protoss is because you have to steal a drone or an SCV in order to get the Terran buildings and Lurker. First lift off a building then move the Tank/Lurker beside it but not under it and land the building but while its landing move the Tank/Lurker under it and siege/burrow it. Then you should have a Tank/Lurker inside a building that can't be hurt until the building is destroyed.
Two Buildings In Eachother (Terran) Move two buildings over each other and group one of the building as 1 and the other building as 2 using control plus 1 and control plus 2. Then do the following really quickly.
Press 1, L, Click
Press 2, L, Click
Go Pass the Supply Limit (Zerg) Build a building with twelve drones, or more. While they are building, select twelve larvaes, or more, and build Drones(or any other unit) with them. Cancel the buildings created with the 12 Drones.
Building in Air (Terran) Lift off a building by pressing L then hit the hotkey for a unit really fast (i.e.: Hit L to lift off a Barracks then hit M to build an Marine).
Build Anywhere (Terran) Bring an SCV to a corner of the map with three surrounding sides. Order another SCV to go right behind the first SCV making that SCV unable to exit. Command the trapped SCV and order it to move behind the other SCV by right mouse clicking behind the SCV. Now you can build anywhere.
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