As a united Clan of the StarCraft nation, we as members of the New World Assassins are entitled to rights of which cannot be held from us. Every member shall be entitled to equality, and not to be discriminated thereof. With shared leadership to eliminate chance of dictatorship, and a five man Senate, the clan shall forever hold its peace, and forever know the right to dominate.

I. Member Rights and Priveledges
A. No member should be discriminated against. Also, if a member decides to say what nationality they are from, or what age they are, that cannot be a basis for discrimination.
B. All members have the rights to be trained when they ask, by any other member of the clan.
C. All members have freedom of speech, but, if you abuse it (Constant bitching, ALWAYS TALKING IN CAPITAL LETTERS, or the use of GOD repeatedly), it shall shall be against them in times of privileges and things.
D. Constantly teasing or harassing another member is not permitted. It may infringe on your freedom of speech, but, it’s for the good of the clan.
E. All members have the right to recruit public players at any time.
F. Any threats of hacking will not be tolerated.

II. Banning and "Banee" Rights
A. Only the Leaders and members of the Senate have the right and ability to ban.
B. A person will only be banned with good reason (i.e. harrasment, backstabbing in game, insubordination, etc.).
C. Everyone that is banned has the right to contact the leader and ask for a ‘trial’ to clear their name.

III. Clan Trials
A. Any clan member or former clan member may ask for a trial to settle a dispute they have with the clan or clan member.
B. If you have a trial you will be able to have one representative, or you can represent yourself. If you choose to have a representative, you may depose of him/her at any time, for any reason, if you feel the need.
C. The clan prosecuter(s) shall be appointed by one of the leaders (or present official).
D. The judge is someone who sits at the top, and the Jury of 5 people whisper him they’re verdicts. The jury talks in whispers during the whole thing, so they can keep in contact. he jury members must be high ranking NWA with no bias, apointed by a Senator or Leader. The judge shall be either a Leader, or the Lead Senator.

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