United States of America   Player 1
Germany  Player 2
Italy   Player 3
Japan   Player 4
Great Britain   Player 5
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics   Player 6
Asia   Player 8

United States of America
The United States is the major fleet country of the allies. You must be prepared to fight the Japanese fleet and at the same time land in Russia and save it from the oncoming blitzkreig.
1. Go to western USA, lift the two barracks' and move them up to Alaska. You will need these to land in Russia.
2. Bring the fleet from Pearl Harbor to western USA with the other half of the fleet located there.
3. Assemble your fleet and send it up to Alaska following the coast line.
4. When all your fleet has arrived in Alaska, organize it using ctrl 1, ctrl 2, etc. and escort your two barracks across the Bering Strait to eastern Russia where you will land it.
5. Now you land your two barracks' as soon as you can in eastern Russia, have the fleet there to guard it, and start building men as soon as you get money.
6. Keep making marines and be ready to engage the Japanese, then move your troops into Russia and help out wherever possible.   Top

Germany is the mainstay of the axis ground forces. Their large cashflow helps them mass produce the men that stand as the backbone of the axis powers. Germany needs to destroy USSR and prevent Great Britain from regaining a foothold in Europe.
1. Your initial action should be to pull all your units to northern germany near the Russian border. Organize your Battlecruisers into ctrl 1 and your wraiths into ctrl 2 and ctrl 3.
2. Attack with all your ground forces at once, using the BC's as support. Use your wraiths to protect the Battlecruisers. It is crucial that they are kept alive, as they are often the difference between a win or a loss against Russia.
3. After you have destroyed Western Russia, build a command center next to the patriot and send your remaining forces to eliminate Britain's presence in Norway while aiding Japan in destroying USA.   Top

Italy is one of the smaller countries, but if played correctly Italy could turn the tide of the game. Diplomats (Templars) can be one of the best weapons in the map.
1. The first thing you want to do as Italy is to use a few marines and a few tanks and take British occupied India.
2. Then you want to send all your marines, firebats, tanks, and vultures up to Germany to get ready support Germany by attacking Russia. Also, bring up your 4 Diplomats (templars) after organizing them into ctrl 1, bring up your Fighters too and organize them into ctrl 2.
3. Bring up all your men and Diplomats to north Germany or Ukraine and find the German Super Battleship 'Bismark' or a normal BC if the Bismark is dead, then hallucinate it as many times as you can. After doing this send in the hallucinations of the Bismark right in front of all of your troops and attack the opposing forces, the hallus (hallucinated object) should succesfully take the enemy fire off your real troops and onto the fake battleships so your men can slaughter the enemy. **Use this tactic whenever and wherever you can**
4. Italy usually has the responibility to make the first attack on Asia, after you've helped Germany in Russia and have built up enough troops invade Asia from your side and if that Asia is ready for an assualt you will probably need to use Diplomats and make Hallus of something.   Top

Japan is probably the biggest air and fleet country, with the most wraiths and many BattleCruisers and 2 Carriers. Japan helps attack USSR in the beggining from Manchuria, then brings in its massive fleet to destroy USSR and the USA fleet.
1. Locate Japan's fleet. Remember to organize this into ctrl 1, ctrl 2, ctrl 3, etc. Then send it up to the main Japan.
2. Get your fleet in Japan, organize it with the other fighters , add the 2 transports full of men and tanks and send it over to Manchuria [Japanese territory above Asia (yellow) and below Russia (brown)].
3. Take your fleet and men/tanks from Manchuria and attack north to Russia and head east (right) to where the U.S. Fleet should be going before they can land their barracks' and make men.   Top

Great Britain
Great Britain can be one of the powerful nations in the game. In order to save its ally, USSR, GB's landing on the continent and utilizing the R.A.F correctly is essential for the allies victory in Russia and the rest of Europe and Asia.
1. You start off at England, first, lift up the barracks and send it north. Organize the Royal Air Force into ctrl 1 and ctrl 2 and keep the R.A.F on hand.
2. Bring up the 2 Battleships (BC's) from England, and destroy the white turret and 4 marines at the tip of Scandinavia. Have your barracks ready to land in Scandinavia after the Battleships are finished.
3. After you have destroyed the men on Scandinavia, land your barracks down and begin to make marines until you are out of money.
4. As soon as you can start sending marines to take the rest of white over and send them to Russia to help hold off the German attack.
5. Bring the R.A.F. to Russia and keep it on hand to engage the Luftwaffe or help the U.S.A.F. fight the J.A.F.   Top

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Russia is the key to both the Allies and the Axis' success in almost every game. If the Russians can hold for just the initial blitz then they will give USA and Great Britain more time to come and land in Russia to save USSR. If the Russians can repel the Germans than the Allies will get a huge upper hand.
1. You begin where the Germans invade and where the key battle of the game will be fought.
2. Quickly lift up your barracks' and move them back. Then pull back all your marines, firebats and tanks so they don't get caught in German fire.
3. Set down your barracks around your command center and start pumping marines as fast as possible.   Top

Asia's main job is to help Russia defend against the German Blitzkrieg. After that is complete, conquering Vietnam, India or Italy is a good idea.
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